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From archaeological excavations to nanotechnology, everything in which artist Martijn Hage sees beauty can be a starting point. Aesthetics, rather than technology, is leading in his eyes. But Martijn still uses digital resources for research; they give him a new-found freedom. They create opportunities to merge and combine specialist subjects such as sculpting, painting, and photography, allowing him to express himself in a whole new way as an artist. A craftsman with many faces.


“I am always on a quest for the optimal composition of objects, the right textures, color, and exposure. All this in an iterative way with interim trial prints. Thanks to the infinite digital possibilities, conditioned experimentation has also become a factor. Earlier, I would not have considered this with traditional means. Generative elements such as fractals have become an additional dimension to my work. “

His broad inspiration and procedures could lead to a cluttered portfolio, but Martijn has developed a recognizable creative signature: digital still lifes with a mystical and alienating atmosphere. Often printed on a large format with a high level of digital detailing. By using a combination of organic and mechanical elements as a basis, he brings recognition and life to his still lifes. He creates imaginary and futuristic worlds, which are not really that far off. From a collection of photos he takes himself, pictures from the Internet, and natural elements, Martijn likes to set up every work in layers.



“I sketch digitally, use different textures from photos or digitally generated patterns. I model objects with various kinds of 3D software. I then compose everything into a single still life.”

His own creative passion to create beautiful things always comes first. As a result, he sees and exploits the opportunities offered to him by the current technological developments, but he also retains focus within the sea of possibilities on offer. He makes clear choices in terms of which technology matches his signature, and creates a canvas and a toolbox for expression that are completely his own.



“I am currently exploring how I can reinforce my art in an interactive way, for example through a virtual reality environment with the Oculus Rift. These will have to communicate with the real thing. Also, 3D, 2.5 and holographic printing techniques are on my wish list. I see it as a challenge to apply new techniques to my visual language, which can bring more depth to my work.”


Here we present Martijn’s three most recent works: FeMale, Dongles, and Quantum. The latter has its premier in DOTS. Cracking modern encryption and our blind trust in technology are starting points for this work.