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“The long observed traditions of watchmaking, luxury tailoring, and chocolate making are still king, but they are being refashioned with a new generation of collectives, creative hubs, and events.” Explore Geneva’s new generation with Mapping Festival, Apelab, Oram Modular and Flux Laboratory.

Geneva’s only festival dedicated solely to audiovisual art and digital culture, Mapping Festival is a creative and collaborative platform that gathers the world’s leading digital artists in one city for 10 fun-filled days. It encompasses everything from audio-visual performances and installations to clubbing, architectural mapping, as well as workshops and conferences. Earlier this month it celebrated it’s 10th anniversary with a great collection of events all throughout the city: CERN, Motel Campo, Usine, and Fonderie Kugler, just to name a few locations. Among the highlights of this 10th edition we can name visual performances by Nonotak, Ryoichi Kurokawa and 1024 Architecture, and a VJing competition. Six workshops were fully booked, with participants from around the world.



Apelab is a Swiss design studio focusing on interactive storytelling, pervasive game design, and user experience. They use interaction technologies in a transformative way, creating poetic, accessible, and compelling user experiences working towards the future of storytelling. Apelab is Switzerland’s answer to experimental innovation and is on the scene. Apelab is now beginning the pre-production of the IDNA series, to be released in 6 episodes on mobile devices in December of 2014. The team is also developing a project that combines urban art with an innovative application – a geolocated game called “Urban Battle,” in collaboration with the Flux Laboratory (see below). Finally, they are curating a set installation to be played in Saint Gervais (Geneva) at the end of August.


43, Route des Acacias – website

DJ and producer duo ORAM MODULAR (Adrien Heineger and Nemo Ripilo), hailing from Geneva, Switzerland, has quickly proven itself as a force on the Swiss digital music scene. They have organized several events (inconspicuous tunnel and field raves) and played at many reputable clubs and festivals, such as Electron, Weetamix, Zoo (Usine), La Gravière, Motel Campo, la Ruche, and Silencio. They have also toured Europe and made a big impression in Paris ([BP], 12club, Batofar…) and Berlin. At the beginning of 2013, they obtained a residency at Silencio Club with their “Global Communication” night and at Zoo (Usine) with “Secret Ritual.” In 2013, they started their own label called “O.R.M rec” and their following only seems to be growing. Their Detroit House beats and VJ collaborations inject Geneva with some much-needed electronic debauchery.



FLUX Laboratory is an experimental meeting, performance, and exhibition space that operates as a network of members who share the mission and goals of the Fluxum Foundation. FLUX Laboratory is a multidimensional space that fosters creative work and thought by bringing together the best in the arts, dance, and science, as well as health, technology, the media, style, and business. You are likely to be confused by the abundance of activities and happenings at FLUX, but you will always find a friendly resident willing to take a break and show you around. This place seems to be a well-kept secret in Geneva, the classes remain open to new students.


10, Rue Jacques-Dalphin – website