Being curious about innovation & new technology, and passionate about art, we feel cutting-edge artists experiment and stay ahead of the curve. These daredevils open our eyes to new possibilities and futures. By sharing their stories, we want to offer you depth and context, make you experience what is out there, and energize you.

We are Shevia Limmen and Nanda de Block, and to tell these stories in DOTS, we collaborate with many amazing professionals. A big thank you goes to our Advisory Board: Titus Gorissen, Nicole Struwer, Jeroen Stam and Odette Schoonenberg, and everyone who contributes behind the DOT.


Shevia Limmen Editor-in-Chief and Founder
Nanda de block Editor and Manager
Bas Meulendijks Graphic Designer
René van Houwelingen Graphic Designer
Titus Gorissen-Appel Strategic Business Developer
Sonja Herpers Text Editor
Caitlan Kennedy Translator
Nathalie Bachand Writer Explore Montréal
Delia Dumitrescu Columnist
Art Reviewer Writer Explore New York
Thomas van Manen Columnist
Afaina de Jong Writer Explore Amsterdam
Anke Langelaan Writer Explore Eindhoven
Arne Hendriks Columnist
Douglas Rushkoff Columnist
Alice Boudreau Writer Explore Geneva
Mina Sidi Ali Writer Explore Geneva
Sian Griffiths Columnist
Tai Spruyt Writer Explore Sydney
Marie du Chastel Columnist
Gaëtan Libertiaux Columnist
Pernille Kok-Jensen Columnist